Lessons in Life & Love

In 2013, I started sharing my personal experiences in life & love on Twitter.  I opened my journal to the public & the response wasn’t at all what I expected.  Truthfully, I did it as a way to heal.  I had just survived my worst heartbreak & words were (and still are) the best way I knew how to free myself.  I started receiving messages, mostly from women but a few men as well, about their experiences in life & love; some wanted to share, others asked for advice.  It was wild… my heartbreak & other hardships were allowing me to connect with people on such a vulnerable level.  I was honored people could relate & felt comfortable enough to let me, some heartbroken stranger, hear their stories.

If you’d like to share your lessons in love and/or life with me or want to ask anything, I’m always here to listen…

* Your information will never be shared without your permission