brianna marie is a los angeles native who loves love, shoes, basketball, & her journal.  in 2015, she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in sociology & had no idea what she would do next.  she knew she loved to write & she wanted to help people, but wasn’t sure if she could make a career out of that.

she began to share her personal experiences in life & love on twitter.  she opened her journal to the public & the response wasn’t at all what she expected.  she did it as a way to heal.  she had just survived her worst heartbreak & words were the best way she knew how to free herself.  they still are.  she started receiving messages about other people’s experiences in life & love; some wanted to share, others asked for advice.  her heartbreak & other hardships were allowing her to connect with people on such a vulnerable level.  she was honored people could relate & felt comfortable enough to let her—some heartbroken stranger—hear their stories.  now, she is committed to living her most transparent life possible by sitting in & sharing her truth.

her debut book, gardens of love, is now available for purchase!


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