Ultimate Gift Box for Her

Hi friends!

It’s been a moment, huh?  November was a busy month.  I celebrated my birthday, hosted a Friendsgiving dinner & celebrated Thanksgiving with my family.  Now I’m gearing up for Christmas.  I am not the girl who waits until the last minute to do gift shopping.  It stresses me out & I don’t do well with crowds.  So, most of my shopping is done online or I am sure to stop by stores before last minute shoppers flood the malls.

This year, I wanted to do something a little different for my closest girl friends.  I knew I wanted it to be creative & something that was both thoughtful & represented our friendship well.  I decided to create my own version of a subscription box, full of goodies for the women I love.


These are so easy to create & you’re in complete control of the price point.  Personally, I think a mix is great.  Choose an item or two to splurge on & then go simple with the rest.  Simple doesn’t have to mean useless or thoughtless.  My splurge pieces were lace teddies, mantra bracelets & pure silk sleep masks.  The rest of the items ranged from $3 – $20.

My friends & I have already exchanged gifts, as we will all be with our families & our schedules won’t allow us to see each other before Christmas.  They loved these cute little boxes!  So, hit your local target.  Grab a cute gift box & fill it with some goodies you know the women in your life will love.  Here’s some of what I included in my box:

Happy holidays & happy shopping!

I also wanted to remind you all that when I’m not on my blog, you can always interact with me via instagram or twitter!  I’ve also recently created a soundcloud where you can listen to me reciting different pieces from my journal 🙂

xO, Brianna Marie

Six Ways to Set Up Your Day

I think you could consider me a morning person…kinda.  I wake up, without an alarm, around 7:30am.  If the day allows & I’m super tired, I might go back to sleep.  But, more often than not, I’m awake & alert by 8am.  Whether you are or aren’t a morning person, I do believe our routines are super indicative of the type of day we’ll have.  I’d say how we choose to spend/what we choose to do during the first hour or two of our morning sets the tone for the rest of the day.
So, here are my six morning tips to set yourself up for a positive, productive day!



Take time to get in touch with yourself!  I don’t mean run over a checklist of things you have to get done; think more affirmations & almost have a conversation with yourself the way you would a friend you’re checking in with.  For me, this means prayer or just sitting with my thoughts.  You could meditate, stretch, journal, read something inspirational, whatever.  Take at least 10-15 minutes to yourself without any outside noise or interruption.


This comes down to the fact that it’s easier to work/operate in a clean, tidy space.  This can also give you a subconscious feeling of accomplishment.  And you will totally thank yourself later when you come home to a clean place.


Take a shower & use it as a way to wash everything away, literally & figuratively.  Whatever happened yesterday, whatever worries you’ve been carrying, whatever’s been weighing you down… wash it away & start your day fresh.  Give yourself a clean slate & an empty canvas!


Don’t skip breakfast!  As someone who isn’t a “breakfast food” fan, I know how easy it is to just wait until lunch.  But, I find my energy level to be much lower when I don’t eat breakfast.  My go-to is usually oatmeal with bananas.  But lately, I’ve been obsessed with smoothie bowls, which literally take all of two minutes to make & there are several ways to switch them up.  So good, so simple, so easy.  No excuses about being crunched for time 🙂


I’m a list girl.  I always have a running list in my phone of things I need to, places I need to go & things I need to get.  Whether you plan on paper or in your phone, make a checklist of sorts & have a general plan for the day.  This way you aren’t feeling scattered or forgetting anything.  You’ll be organized & ready to get everything done!


Choose to have a positive mental attitude.
Choose not to let anyone/anything have power over you or your day.
Choose to be productive, choose to tackle the day.


What’s the most important part of your morning routine?

xO, Brianna Marie


I’ve always loved going out to eat, whether it be brunch with my best friends or dinner with my man.  I think it might be an LA thing, I don’t know lol.  But food is always involved with my plans.  Since going vegetarian in April 2016, I’ve tried so many new places & different types of food.  People always ask if it’s hard going out to eat when you’re a vegetarian.  The answer is no, not at all!  It’s so easy to go to a restaurant & find something to customize.  But, it is definitely an easier/smoother process when I go to a vegan restaurant.  One of my absolute favorite vegan spots in LA is by CHLOE.


The actual restaurant is quite small, but I sort of enjoy the intimacy that brings.  The decor is super cute & the staff is friendly.  The menu is a decent size & everything I’ve tried, thus far, has been delicious.  Now, I know meat eaters are usually skeptical lol.  My best friend is definitely a skeptic when it comes to vegan food, so I took her for the ultimate test.  She loved it!


If you’re able to stop in, my recommendations are either the “Guac Burger” or the “Quinoa Taco Salad”.  The corn salsa & crunchy tortilla strips on the burger set it off.  And the taco salad is huge!  The dressing isn’t heavy at all & the spicy seitan is seasoned so well.


Are any of you vegetarians or vegans?
If not, have you ever had a vegan dining experience?

xO, Brianna Marie


To know me is to know I love flowers.  Everything about them: their fresh smell, how pretty they make any space look & just how much of a mood lifter they can be.  So, of course, I fell in love with everything “Rose” from Jo Malone!


I was introduced to the brand when I was gifted a candle a couple years ago.  It’s one of my all time favorite candles so I had to stop in Nordstrom to see what other goodies Jo Malone had.  Admittedly, I go overboard when I like things lol.  I’m crazy obsessed with all their rose products.  I’d say my favorite is either the candle or room spray.


But I really haven’t experienced any bad products.  Their body creams are thick & the scent isn’t at all overwhelming.  I like the lightness of the hand lotion (try getting this for your guest bathroom, the scent is beautiful).  And I have a diffuser on my bookshelf, that way the living room always has a faint smell of rose.


You can shop Jo Malone online here or stop by Nordstrom & avoid waiting for shipping!

Do you enjoy floral scents?

xO, Brianna Marie


For my 24th birthday last year, one of my best friends gifted me a mason jar full of messages from people I love explaining why they love me.  She gave it to me in the hopes that I’d never forget how loved & appreciated I am.  It’s, easily, one of my favorite presents I’ve ever received.


This month has been strange, particularly the last couple weeks.  I have found myself trying to keep my head above water, trying not to get comfortable in a darkness that I am determined to make temporary.  I started this blog with the intent to be more transparent.  So, this is me, being honest & real.  Sometimes, I just feel…alone.  Which I feel bad admitting out loud (or typing) because I’m surrounded by so many amazing people.  But I have a tendency to let things build up & I break.  I go to a place where I feel like no one understands or, maybe, that I won’t let anyone try to understand.  I shut down.  I walked by this jar this week & decided to open it.  I randomly picked this note out from my sister.


It was reminder to take care of me.  It was a reminder that I’m never alone.  It was a reminder that I am loved.  It was a reminder that I’m appreciated.

And, so are you 🙂
Please never forget that you are magic!

xO, Brianna Marie