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her debut book, gardens of love, is now available for purchase!




brianna marie is a los angeles native who loves love, shoes, basketball, & her journal.  in 2015, she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in sociology & had no idea what she would do next.  she knew she loved to write & she wanted to help people, but wasn’t sure if she could make a career out of that.

she began to share her personal experiences in life & love on twitter.  she opened her journal to the public & the response wasn’t at all what she expected.  she did it as a way to heal.  she had just survived her worst heartbreak & words were the best way she knew how to free herself.  they still are.  she started receiving messages about other people’s experiences in life & love; some wanted to share, others asked for advice.  her heartbreak & other hardships were allowing her to connect with people on such a vulnerable level.  she was honored people could relate & felt comfortable enough to let her—some heartbroken stranger—hear their stories.  now, she is committed to living her most transparent life possible by sitting in & sharing her truth.

her debut book, gardens of love, is now available for purchase!


Gardens of Love

gardens of love is brianna marie’s debut collection of poetry & prose.  it is for anyone who has experienced love and/or loss.  it is for anyone who has ever felt broken or hopeless.  it is for anyone trying to pick up the pieces & find joy again.  gardens of love touches on death, loss, grief, & depression while offering glimmers of hope, happiness, & faith.  this book, written with a diary-like feel, is about learning how to water truth & watch flowers bloom.

available for purchase here

Recent News

brianna has dreamt of writing books since she was twelve, but she let her inner critic convince her that she couldn’t do it.  until now.  she made a decision in 2016 that she would live in her purpose.  that she would do what makes her heart happy.  that she would honor her passion.  her debut book will be released on september 12, 2018.


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